Meet Kathleen Vallejos

rsz_vallejos056Kathleen Vallejos  – Best-seller Author and Creator of the Business Success Blueprint – shows small business owners and professionals how to get more customers, clients, or patients; make more money, and keep their regular customers coming back for more.

Kathleen has been recognized as a Top Professional in Marketing and Consulting and international media such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox have cited her saying, “Presenting yourself as an author or speaker with media authority establishes your credibility as the obvious choice in an indistinguishable sea of options. Hard work and referrals are simply not enough to launch your business to the top.”


I was born an entrepreneur but didn’t know it.

As a kid I had the experience of my mom not knowing how to make money, how to take care of herself, of not knowing how to run a business. I’m not blaming my mom she did what she could. We experienced the reality of child support and food stamps. This provided an unpredictable and small income to try to raise three kids. It was not a good financial situation. It’s no wonder I had the entrepreneurial spirit.

I quickly realized that the fastest way to making money is to provide a service to people.   Around the age of 10 I started offering services to family members – cleaning, organizing, babysitting. In exchange they paid me, sometimes I got a whole dollar to dust my Grandma’s entire house.

I understood that if I helped someone get what he or she wanted, they would pay for it. That’s when I developed my caring for anybody that is a business owner.

In college I studied human behavior and education, earning a Master’s Degree in Human Development with a specialty in Leadership in Education and Human Services.   After college, I worked as a teacher for a short period of time and then for several different small businesses. I learned of the patterns that made a business successful, as well as, what made some small businesses struggle all the time. Through my experiences, it broke my heart to see that something so simple as following up – the fastest, most direct path to growth, more revenue, and more income, was neglected.

I also spent several years as a volunteer firefighter. We got the same training as paid firefighters and did the same work, but we also had the added component of fundraising to support our work.

While I was there not only did I help sell raffle tickets to raise money, but I also went into burning buildings to help put out fires. It was a crazy, courageous time in my life.

It doesn’t quite compare to the risks you take as a business owner. Not only are you providing some kind of service for your customers/clients/patients, but you are responsible for the financial livelihood of your employees. They depend on you to bring in the business to write the paychecks that feed their families. That takes guts.

It also takes some strategic planning and consistent implementation of systems to make your business run smoothly, effectively, and to create a profit. Without effective systems, several obstacles arise that can put your profits at risk and take away the freedom that you wanted when you started your own business in the first place.


Q: What type of business do I help?

A: I work with established small businesses and professionals who provide services or products to customers, clients, or patients.

Are you?

  • Busy working in your business instead of ON it
  • Always chasing after new business instead of following up with your current customers, clients, or patients
  • Unsure of how to follow up appropriately
  • Lacking a system for proper follow up


Q: Who will benefit from working with me?

A: If you need help, have done your research, and you are ready to take action and make a decision, then you will get the most benefit from working with me to help your small business succeed.


Q: What kind of business owner benefits the most from working with me?

A: A kind, open-minded, confident business owner who

is done researching
is clear about what tasks to delegate
finds the right expert and trusts them fully, and, above all,
is ready to get the help they need to invest in their business.
If that is you, let’s get started!


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