Many small business owners and professional are out there meeting people one-at-a-time or at networking meetings, hoping to meet the person who needs to buy their product or service right now. Unfortunately for them, most of the time it isn’t going to happen after meeting someone only once.

One of the most common statistics for small business I’ve seen is that in the marketing world less than 20% of sales happen on the first meeting. Only marginally more happen the second, third, or fourth time you interact with your prospective customer. What may surprise you is that 80% of sales are made sometime during the 5th-12th contact with your prospect.

The average business person can use a number of ways to reach out to the prospect again – phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, maybe even see them again in person. Those can be time consuming, ineffective, and seem like you are chasing the potential customer. You are trying to give the prospect a chance to get to know you so they will want to do business with you.

What can you do? You have to do something. You need more customers. You need more people ready to buy without all the hassle of chasing them with costly advertising, week-after-week networking meetings, or just a business card or brochure. In addition, you can only be at a limited number of networking meetings and still manage your business effectively.

One of the most effective small business marketing tools that anyone can use is the ezine, or email newsletter.  A 2010 study completed by ExactTarget found that 56% of users interacted with brands only through marketing emails. Only 1.3% of users interacted with social media marketing using Twitter and 0.7% with Facebook. This means that your small business online marketing program needs to have some planning and purposeful action taken to bring you success.

Creating and using an email newsletter allows you to be proactive while giving your audience a chance to get to know you and buy when they are ready. The question is not if you should use an email newsletter, the question is how can you leverage an email newsletter to attract prospects and generate sales?

The next blog post will examine small business marketing strategies and the reasons an email newsletter is the TOP choice for business owners who are serious about growing their business. It is full of small business marketing ideas to create success.

To your success,

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