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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Enjoy this classic for entrepreneurs or maybe it is time to re-read it.
Napoleon Hill accepted the challenge to interview the richest and most successful entrepreneurs and business owners in the US and the lessons they taught him became “Think & Grow Rich”.
Something that has always fascinated me is the fact that Napoleon Hill died BROKE. However, some other multi-millionaire readers of Think & Grow Rich attribute their fortune to the book.
The teachings are powerful… AND they need to be implemented. Just reading the book is not going to make you rich, just like writing the book did not make Napoleon Hill rich.
NOTE – If you are a modern expert with a message, especially a trainer, coach, speaker, author or consultant… pay special attention to the lesson about organized knowledge.

Clients From Facebook?

The myths and truth of getting clients for an expert business using Facebook. If you are a modern expert with a mission and a message, a coach, trainer, author, speaker, service professional or consultant, you’ll discover how to build a system to attract clients using Facebook.
This book became a #1 best-seller in marketing and you can buy it on Amazon but I’d like you to have it as a gift from me.
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