A common marketing idea for small businesses is to start a blog, often as part of a website. If you search online with the question “What is a blog?” All of the sites will tell you that blog is short for weblog or web log and it is a place to create short entries (or posts) about some subject matter. For many it is a personal journal of sorts, for businesses it can be a place to showcase recent work or use as an educational platform. It is a very important piece of your small business marketing plan.

Entries, posts, subject matter, personal journal, showcase, platform. Still not sure? Think of it like this – a search engine (think Google) is like a librarian who tries to find the information that your potential customers are looking for. The blog on your website holds most of the content that categorizes what your website is all about; it is like a book. With this content (blog) the librarian (search engine) can identify what kind of book (website) your audience needs.

Your blog is a place for you to discuss what makes your business unique. So many businesses claim excellent customer service as part of their promise but people expect excellent customer service – that should be a given for a successful business professional. What else makes you stand out from all the other chiropractors, accountants, plumbers, financial advisors, etc. Why should your potential customer hire you and not your competition?

Your blog is the place to begin this discussion. Your potential customers can read about your business practices and decide for themselves in advance if they choose to be one of your customers. No chasing, just writing. It is a place you can implement free marketing for your small business.

By showcasing your personality, your voice, and your unique approach to the problems your audience has, your blog becomes a place to have a conversation with your specific audience, not just everybody. This conversation creates a community without having to talk to just one person at a time.

Your blog, one of several online small business marketing ideas, helps you stand out from the crowd of small business professionals in your area. This, in turn, helps the search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing show your website when people are looking for your specific type of business in your local area.

All of this work establishes you as an authority in your field.


To your success,

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